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Our Lady of the Dark Night


GBP £ 11.00

Our Lady of the Dark Night

Our Lady of the Dark Night

This transmission is for those of us that feel they are in, or are approaching what is known as 'the dark night of the soul' the ferocious and utter rebirth from darkness to light.

This phase of life usually creeps up on us around the ages of 28 and 56, and also throughout the period of 42-49. It is a time of rapid and unyielding growth through immense and necessary suffering. There is nothing to hide during this phase, Our Lady knows you, dearly and deeply. Take this time to commune with Her now, for it is Her who is orchestrating the whole thing.

This Transmission would serve:

  • The dissolving of despair and anguish during this phase
  • The courage to take the nessaccary action that is desperately needed at this time
  • To accept the invitation that encourages us to move on, let go and surrender it all
  • A surging sense of courage, trust and inner knowing deep within your own being
  • An unprecedented calling to your guides and guardians to rally around you and support you
  • Connection to the Sacred Feminine lineage - and the importance of you being free to respond to your calling at this time

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