Sacred Heart Transmissions:
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Our Lady of Vertical Alignment


GBP £ 11.00

Our Lady of Vertical Alignment

Our Lady of Vertical Alignment

Let us invoke our Inner Child, Human Being-ness and Soul Fire Essence into Holy Matrimony – so we may awaken our verticality whilst on the horizontal plane. 

When we have our “Vertical Alignment” there can be no interference. As the Love in you blossoms, be sure to swerve any sabotaging tendencies – by LOVING profoundly the Trinity that you are – Child, Woman, Goddess/ Child, Man, God.

This Transmission serves your alignment with your free flowing Shakti with your Unmoving Shiva. This transmission would be the perfect medicine if you feel your Shakti (feminine life-force energy) has grown far beyond the masculine pole - and your soul yearns for Unity.
This transmission would also serve men and women, who shy away from their masculine expression, or avoid it all together! 

This transmission would serve:

  • The recognition and integration of your Inner Child
  • The “Verticality” of your Human Being-ness
  • The Spiritual Fire of your Sacred Work
  • The Holy Matrimony of your three-part matrix (child, human, god/dess)
  • An instant alignment of Shiva/Shakti embodied as ONE

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