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Priestess Blessing

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Priestess Blessing

Priestess Blessing

Beloved Friends, this transmission streams from my soul in the urgent longing to reach your own heart. There are many of us upon the earth who carry the presence of the Priestess, and we are hiding her. We are concealing her in layers of extra weight, the plumb of smoke from our cigarettes and the slight intoxication from alcohol, weed or any other form of addiction.

These measures will never soothe you. These methods will not heal the sorrow of knowing she is inside, and how you are refusing to embody her. This sorrow is existential, it is the pain of the soul being forbidden access to your life and those that you hold dear.

The Priestess within you is ancient, kind, loving and fiercely ready now to reveal the particular quality of medicine that you have safeguarded. Look away from those who say they are a Priestess, and tout business, status and sexiness. That is not what you are. You are Grace. You are utter Holiness and your heart needs to open now, to love, to guide, to correct and to bridge.

Come away from your tired and worn out excuses, you are killing yourself and turning up with empty hands to those that you love. The people, your people are hungry to receive you and need to behold your face, for the Light that comes from you, blesses, redeems and clears aeons of suffering.

Come away now woman from the cloaks and veils of invisibility you have wrapped around yourself and drop them to the floor. Step out into the Light. Bring your medicine, embody it proudly. You don't need to be recognised or permitted from any other source.

Never look back. See only Her face upon your own. 


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