Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Sacred Wounds

Prophet(ess) Wound


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Prophet(ess) Wound

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Prophet(ess) Wound

If you are one, or you have met one – then this transmission is for you. The Wound of the Prophetess is to fear being silenced, or that your words will bring about a deadly outcome. There is a hesitation with you constantly, a fear of speaking up and speaking out, a fear of being hunted for your gifts, or that you are coerced or misused in some way as you enter the altered state of transmission. There is a sense of 'shall I, shan't I?' speak it.  This form of doubt must be lifted from you, beloved one, for now, is the time of the great revelation.  

Let us journey together into this sacred wound to locate the reason why you  are afraid and to lift that burden from your shoulders...

Artwork by Richard Davies


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