Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Holy Bride

Queen of the Demons


GBP £ 11.00

Queen of the Demons

Queen of the Demons

The Queen of the Demons - is NOT what it sounds. This is the aspect of Mary Magdalene that is embodied within such archetypes as Kali, the one that knows how to liberate her holy sparks bound in darkness, and is pure wrath against the evil-doer. She shatters all illusions within the self-righteous ones, liberating her creation from every kind of bondage. The Feminine Christ has a radiance that extends from the Divine to the Embodied.  This aspect is an Earthy, manifested root energy that is essential along the path of embodiment.  Without this root energy of fearless presence, the majestic sovereign elegance of the full Magdalene cannot be awakened. 

This transmission would serve:

  • The Awakening to the Dark Feminine - the retrieval and reconnection to this part of yourself. The part that leads you into the dark night of the soul and mystical rebirth
  • The Retrieval of the part of you that shock's, challenges, uproots, dismantles and pulls down illusion and self-righteousness
  • The fiery discipline of your own Spiritual Revolution
  • The re-balancer of the Feminine Christ. The destroyer of unobtainable, unreachable feminine 'manmade' deities that highjack the real true Feminine Christ of the ALL
  • Connection to your own blackness, so black that it shines white
  • Fearlessness 
  • Courage to live whatever is asked of you
  • Conviction and Faith to allow Divine Will to be done

If the dark goddess is not acknowledged consciously, she will manifest unconsciously in harmful societal patterns as periods of starvation and over-indulgence of every kind.


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