Sacred Heart Activations:

Radical Heartbreak


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Radical Heartbreak

Radical Heartbreak

The Gateway to God

We all know this feeling. The agonising death throws experienced by a breakdown in relationship, a death or a great loss of some kind.  But did you know, that within this crucible of seemingly unending pain, there is a gateway to a deathless passion that will never run dry? 

This message has been given to us over and over again by the great poet Rumi.  His works reveal this process so deeply that we can even get a taste of it simply by reading his words.  Perhaps now is the time you would like to experience this for yourself?  Use this time to journey through the pain, through the quagmire of contraction into the great paradise of incorruptible Love and Freedom that awaits us on the other side.

Through the “dark night” of the loss of his beloved soul friend and other heartbreaks, Rumi awoke into a sublime and timeless vision of the glory of Creation as a manifestation of the Absolute. He became a great lover of God whose words speak to our soul in tender, unforgettable terms, even as we face a world filled with real dangers and horrors.

This activation is a tender guided journey into our experience of Radical Heartbreak to retrieve and remember the part of us that knows this Holy Truth.


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