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Removing Predatory Energy

Removing Predatory Energy


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Removing Predatory Energy
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Removing Predatory Energy

The New Predator topic has been long awaited and is something that needs to be disclosed because of its extreme lethality, toxicity and spiritual danger. Usually these predators are men (and some women), who seek out the opening, creative potential in students seeking guidance for their own gain.

What is the greatest journey of a lifetime (the spritual path) becomes a dangerous, perilous path that leaves people  with their worlds turned upside down wondering what on earth just happened!

This ritual takes you through a process of dis-entangling and letting go. It closes the doors on the predatory entity looking to re-hook back in. It is important to know these ‘old ways’.

I myself, have been involved with this kind of influence. I know the many ways it attempts to infect us. We will have to clean the circuitry of all our chakra's, and disallow its sullied offspring a chance to escape our lips.

This ritual can make clean our seven psycho-spiritual centres, but also fine-tooth comb our womb making sure we do not birth this dangerous influence out into the world.

The quality of this ritual will be held in the grace of god. No mumbo jumbo, no New Age made-up 'way'. Just simple and authentic prayer, with the support of the natural world and our right to thrive and live in peace.

What you will receive: A spoken audio file by Anaiya Sophia. PDF with suggested prayer and invocation. These practices are yours to keep.

  • The audio is an intro, setting the tone so to speak.  The first thing to do is to read HOW TO preform the Ritual.  Then, get familiar with the story of Bluebeard, especially what could be behind the secret locked door.  This is very important.  But it takes time.  I wasn't able to open that door on the first, second, third, or fourth attempt.  Only on the fifth go, did it open... and the revelation was huge, and painfully raw.
  • I would suggest sticking with the Ho'oponopono prayers with the 5 elements.  Everyday, first thing in the morning and/or last thing at night.

May the Grace of the Holy Sophia be with us always.



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