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Sacred Ancestors of the Western World


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Sacred Ancestors of the Western World

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Sacred Ancestors of the Western World

Sacred Ancestors of the Western World...?

Do we even know who they are, or do we imagine that the West just happened? This thirst for wisdom, improvement, refinement and the desire to help others comes from a world parallel to ours. 
The West mostly has yet to learn of its roots, let alone the spiritual tradition that lies at the heart of it. Almost single-handedly, they laid the foundations of chemistry, astronomy, biology, logic, philosophy and mysticism. In true Western fashion, we have forgotten or discarded our predecessors as unimportant or non-existent.
During this talk/transmission, may I be graced to remind you of the wealth of wisdom that went into the making of the ancient western world upon whose flagstones we happen to stand? We can no longer do without these traditions being known to us once again, not for our sake, but for something bigger. What we are searching for is inside us, deep inside of us.
If our ancestors 'brought through the template of the Western World, and laid its foundational structures elegantly and majestically, perhaps, some of us can revisit that realm and contribute to the realignment and compatibility of that pure vision. 
During this hour together, I will lead you through a technique called Incubation, where you may get a glimpse and, over time, a Holy Welcome... 
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