Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Gospel of Mary

The Sacred Kiss


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The Sacred Kiss

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The Sacred Kiss

In this transmission we go on a journey to the Last Supper, and our own participation there. After the Last Supper, Yeshua brings us and all his other disciples to a sacred cave beneath the city, a holy place that has been used for initiation since a day out of time. One by One he turns us, looking deeply within our soul, touching and 'acknowledging' the codes/gifts/roles that we are carrying. In deep reverence and tremendous light power he places a Sacred Kiss upon us one at a time, imbued with his essence to fulfil our sacred promise.

Witness and feel Yeshua anoint the disciples (traditionally known) with his kiss, and then prepare to receive your own.

This transmission would serve:

  • Your connection to Christ (directly)
  • The Retrieval of the part of you that feels you carry the Christ Light as a burden, feelings of being alone, misunderstood, or in exile
  • The Integration of Mary, as daughter of the Holy Sophia, Yeshua as Logos
  • The Opening of Gnosis
  • The imbuing of abominable kindness and faith into your heart and soul
  • The Retrieval of YOUR connection to the Christ lineage that does not require permission or recognition from the Patriarchy
  • Connection to your own Christed Self

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