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Wounds of Love

Separation - Humility


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Separation - Humility

Separation - Humility

The wound of separation seeps through our being as a cold and icy state of numbness. When choosing separation we lose all feeling and connection to the warmth of Love and our Beloved.  We all know this one, right? When something has been said or done that hurts us deeply, instead of coming forward and confessing our wound and pain, we shut down. The tendency of separation is to withdraw just at the moment the pain comes. We immediately ice over so as not to feel more pain.  There is no attempt made to consciously address the situation, just absolute closure.  In many ways, we cast out our Beloved in this reaction of separation. We banish him or her from our hearts and souls, we run them out of town with not a word as to the reason why.  This is clearly felt by our Beloved, and yet when asked what has happened, and what we are feeling, we tend to deny all knowledge, and say “I don’t know,” or “nothing.”

We do know, everyone knows, but we have become so stuck in the firm belief that we are right, and that it is wisest to remain protected and defended.

That’s where humility comes in as the wound of separation sits within your crown chakra and effects your connection to God, heart and soul.

The transmission does not ‘prevent’ you from entering separation ever again, but instead brings tenderness and melting to the hurt and reason why we chose suck a defensive tactic.

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