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Sovereignly Summoning


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Sovereignly Summoning

New Moon

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Sovereignly Summoning

My Dearest Battered and Weary Friends, 

KNOW in the very marrow of our bones that we are being witnessed for the herculean efforts we are putting 'in'. This year-end could call for an adamantine capacity to ride the storm, to endure the chaos and to always be able to find that quiet still place on the inside that is dancing with joy at the thrill of participating in this unknown intensity that will go down in history. 

This New Moon Transmission is to draw toward you the 144 Reasons To Go On. Whether we sense it or not there are friends, allies, animals, angels, saints, holy men and women, planets, stars, mountains and meadows that have our name tattooed across their hearts - as ONE to watch over and Love.  And there IS one, who will appear within the midst of the others - as the representative to fully meet you, on Earth, as it is in Heaven. 

So, from a place of worthiness, not brokenness and ever-growing integrity, let us lean back and open - because, for many of us, it is simply time. Gone are the naive, romantic and ungrounded ideas of meeting our Twin and in that place now stands a red-faced, exhausted but still standing wise soul sending out the prayer of Soverignly Summoning. 

This transmission will lead you to the place where you can Sovereignly Summon the entirety of your Soul Group, and usher in that One, as you remain awake enough to truly hear .... and understand.  During this 'correction' and alignment we will work through any feelings, thoughts or beliefs that we cannot do this, we cannot meet and that it will go wrong.  We will work through any closed hearts, broken, hearts, distrusting hearts.  Mother wounds, father wounds, trauma and apathy will have to lay down in prostration to the amount of Love we are going to summon and become one with. 

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Feeling supported by this potent New Moon, we will responsibly attune to all our 144 Soul Reasons To Go On (friends, allies & guides) and Sovereignly Summon our appointed one. From a place of pure worthiness and accountability. Because, for many of us, it is merely time.

Gone are the naive, romantic and ungrounded ideas, and in their place stands a mature and wise soul sending out the beacon for orchestration of agreed-upon proceeding. True wisdom has soaked into our bones, and happy are we to summon genuinely.


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