Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Holy Bride

Maiden of Light


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Maiden of Light

Maiden of Light

The Maiden of Light is the aspect of Mary Magdalene that is virginal, untouched, untainted, betrothed to God and utterly pure.  This is EVE.  Her aspects are playfulness, spontaneity, freedom, unconditional Truth and innocence.

Elements that may block this energy:  Seriousness, too much masculine energy, caught up in the mind, slave to the 3d world, corrupted by materialism and held in prison by rigid judgments.

During this transmission we shall invoke the Maiden of Light, to pray for a rebirth and restoration of our ‘Eve’ energy.  To remember and embody the joy and lightness of being an initiated Priestess Queen and the freedom that this bestows upon us. 

The Maiden of Light is an aspect of the Holy Sophia (Mary Magdalene) that betroths herself to God. By choosing the Divine as our first partner, the womb becomes sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit. This is an aspect of the Blood Mysteries, an ancient practice of working with the womb, ovulation and menstrual cycle as a part of a woman’s (and man’s) spiritual path.


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