Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Holy Bride

Mistress of the Night


GBP £ 11.00

Mistress of the Night

Mistress of the Night

The Mistress of the Night is the aspect of Mary Magdalene that is the deep well of wisdom and fearlessness. This is LILITH. Her aspects are magic, incantations, alchemy, healing and impenetrable secrets. She brings forth a soothing benediction that severs our illusions with a razor sharp sword annihilating our deeply ingrained negative patterns that no longer serve and hold us back.

Elements that may block this energy: Fear of the dark, fear of night-time creatures, fear of the unknown, fear of feminine power, fear of nature (being cold, being hungry, being alone etc.) and fear of being natural (unmasked, wild, feral and free).

During this transmission we shall invoke the Mistress of the Night, to awaken us to greater life and to restore of our "Lilith" energy. To remember and embody the fearlessness and loyalty of being an initiated Priestess Queen and the responsibility of loving ALL life upon this seen and unseen planet.


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