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The Sophia Novena


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The Sophia Novena

Full Moon

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The Sophia Novena

The word Novena comes from "novem" the Latin word for nine. A novena is made up of nine days of prayer and meditation, usually to ask God for special prayer requests or petitions. Novenas are an ancient tradition that goes back to the days of the Apostles. Jesus told His disciples to pray together after His ascension into heaven, so they went to an upper room along with Mother Mary and constantly joined in prayer for nine days. These nine days of constant prayer by the Apostles at the direction of Jesus led up to Pentecost - the day the Holy Spirit descended.

During this first Novena, which we will repeat for nine days, and utter it every hour for nine hours, we will pray to Sophia for the Illumination and Purification of our mind. Gnosis cannot come when our reason is full noise, influence and weak from spiritual and emotional warfare.

When you sign up you will receive the Sophia Novena in a spoken audio file and transcript.  You would begin on the Full Moon,  and speak it out at your 9 pm where ever you are in the world. 

The following day you would begin at 9 am and speak the prayer once on the hour for 9 hours.  9 am - 5 pm and continue on for nine days. 

THEN - my dearest friends - you simply must let me know what happened! 




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