Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Immaculate Love

Unleashing The Power of Intercession


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Unleashing The Power of Intercession

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Unleashing The Power of Intercession

Intercession is speaking to God on behalf of another; another person, people group, situation, world event or community. Intercession is a sacrifice of our time and life's focus for the healing of another. The early Christians would often pray on behalf of others, under Jesus's direction. Prayer Warriors see themselves as engaged in spiritual warfare, whereas Dakini's from Tibetan Buddhism would make this their life's work.

Since my father's health crisis, I have plunged even deeper into prayer, returning to my childhood days and praying like never before. As this process broke me open, humility took me by the hand, and showed me just how much more I could love, and speak that love to God, on behalf of my father.

We will dive deep into intercession roots during this transmission and the passion required to ignite them. Let us remember the hunger with which we once prayed, the certainty and the peace that goes with this uncompromising level of faith.

Intercession, once again, goes way back beyond Christianity, and current forms of religion. It's roots found in paganism and early goddess worship as a way of meeting the divine 'halfway'.




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