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Samhain Transmission: Well of Wisdom


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Samhain Transmission: Well of Wisdom


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Samhain Transmission: Well of Wisdom

All spiritual works at this time must broach the very real possibility that our death will arrive sooner rather than later. In the warm-hearted hope that our days are lived well and no moment is spent sleeping that all this will end. 

It can't. We are in the storm now, and there's getting off until it's done. We balance precariously on the known and unknown edge, forged by existential fears and the ever-closer approach of Samhain.
As more darkness starts to consume our days, we turn inward. Samhain is a time for resting, celebration, gnosis, rituals, and self-reflection. In this transmission, we will journey to the Well of Wisdom in the Otherworld, where all the waters of this world have their source and ancestral wisdom dwells. There may be tears. And prayers, and memories, and a long and hard pilgrimage. But right now, I know this well is here, right here, welcoming us to drink as soon as we’re ready. Let’s drink deep as we authentically usher in the dark half of the year.
Since being in Ireland, I have found myself there time and time again. I am reminded of our ancestors and the numerous times they faced this cycle. We must take shelter wherever we can. Rest, replenish, and be at peace. To drink deeply from the well of embodied heart practice, where we no longer have to keep our eyes and ears averted from the place that could save us.
We know the place that will save us - and that is the wide-open, courageous and well-loved/ing heart. 
Our humanity is our superpower - it's all that counts in these days. And isn't it the parts of history that we love the most? Those moments where we banded together and discarded our differences to love fiercely?
Those tending to the sacred fires, the wisdom of the ages, the ability to heal and the spirit to uplift others are most likely returning to old revelations. How the surrender to one's death is swiftly approaching, not as a death wish but as a sober reminder one must never forsake the sacred.
Even on this razor's edge, the warmth of the heart blazes...
Be Heartened 
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