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Wounds of Love

Wounds of Love


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Wounds of Love

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Wounds of Love

These five guardians (Betrayal, Denial, Judgment, Separation and Abandonment) are the same initiations that Christ faced during His Passion, and Magdalene faced after the crucifixion.  The purpose of these initiations is to faithfully connect with God, our soul and human heart. The development of an unwavering desire and soul-felt richness of presence is what’s required to move us from Natural to Divine Love.  
The Wounds of Love orchestrates the openings to feel into our human wounds of love and soul injuries.  Most of us have been exposed to the limitations of natural love, and innocently mistaken them for Divine Love.  Yet at the same time ‘knowing’ that there was a great love, that was beyond the experiences we had with our parents, partners and friends.  The healing balms of Trust, Truth, Forgiveness, Humility and Faith are given when the authentic connection is made with the deep well spring of Divine Love, our Heavenly Mother and Father, God.
This course takes us through the five realms of reality, Physical, Sexual, Emotional, Mental and Soulful.  We shall be working with an alchemical trinity of our own masculine energy (self-awareness and navigation) and feminine energy (feeling, connecting and embracing) and in the presence of God, praying for Divine Love to wipe clean the error of our causal wounds.
The Wounds of Love are initiatory gateways that can lead to God Reliance, or self-reliance. The choice that reveals itself within this initiation, is the soul’s longing to either walk the path of Natural Love or Divine Love.  Within this process, there is a moment where that choice gets made. I feel that all who are called towards ‘At-one-ment’ with God, will face these same initiations.

Wounds of Love Transmissions

These transmissions develop the awareness of the holographic nature of the initiatory path of Sacred Union, and the ways that we can prepare to take on such a journey.  These transmissions are based upon the threefold flame of sexuality, emotionality and soulfulness (Power, Love and Wisdom).  Combined with the ten light body transmissions (Wisdom) and seven sacred sexuality transmissions (Power), the five Wounds of Love transmissions (Love) completes the ignition of the hologram. When all 22 Transmissions are received (10+5+7=22) all aspects of your being would have been felt into, retrieved and reconnected.

Note, that the Tree of Life has 22 intersecting pathways – my feeling is that these 22 transmissions hold within their frequency the essence of these 22 pathways.

The Wounds of Love are a series of teachings that I received during the Easter of 2009.  I had been asking to submerge myself into the greater meaning of the Five Wounds of Christ, and over the five days of Easter holiday, that initiation was given

My understanding is that the Five Wounds of Christ are in fact the Five Wounds of Love.  As I progressed deeper into the initiation I realized that if one were called to walk the path of love they would encounter the five guardians that stand at the entrance of the deepest chambers of the heart. These five guardians (Betrayal, Denial, Judgment, Separation and Abandonment) are the same initiations that Christ faced during His Passion. The purpose of these initiations is to build the courage and depth of presence that leads to the five qualities of Love - Agape, Eros, Philia, Storge and Rapture.

The transmission comes in waves of Light that is accessed by prayer.  When you register for the transmission, you will receive the prayer and guided journey into the experience.

You may receive Wounds of Love Transmission in three ways:

  • Below, select an individual Wounds of Love Transmission, or choose to receive all seven of the Wounds of Love Transmissions in a single series
  • Or register above for the Wounds of Love Online Course, which runs for five weeks and includes all five Wounds of Love Transmissions, as well as online support from Anaiya Sophia

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