Sacred Heart

Our Lady of Innocence

This transmission is for those of us who know it is time for us to let go of guilt and shame and to reveal more of who we are. Our Lady of Innocence is here offering to walk with us towards atonement as we grow throughout this period of refinement


Our Lady of the Dark Night

This transmission is for those of us that feel they are in, or are approaching what is known as 'the dark night of the soul' the ferocious and utter rebirth from darkness to light. This phase of life usually creeps up on us around the ages of 28 and 56, and also throughout the period of 42-49.


Our Lady of Becoming

This transmission is for those of us who feel ready to blossom into the radiance and extension of our gifts.

You have a sense that you carry so much more than what appears on the surface. All you ask is that Our Lady affirms and confirms your secret knowing.


Ain Soph: Meeting Your Eternal Presence

This transmission is a beckoning for you to meet with your “Ain Soph” – your true, untouched, unsullied, pure and immaculate Self. Ain Soph can literally be translated as 'no limit'. This is the limitless foundation - the eternal in its purest sense.


The Marriage of Pistis Sophia

In the Gnostic Tradition, Pistis translates as Faith, and Sophia translates as Wisdom.  Our Faith resides in the highest parts of our being, whereas our Sophia resides in the deepest parts of our being – this transmission is a marriage of the two.


Our Lady of Truth

This transmission is for those of us who know it is time to run the risk of loss and open up. As our frequency rises, relationships, environments and actions will change, otherwise we may be held back. Sometimes we may feel we need a rocket blast to ignite the change, and to blast open the obstacles that seem to block us.


Our Lady of Vertical Alignment

Let us invoke our Inner Child, Human Being-ness and Soul Fire Essence into Holy Matrimony – so we may awaken our verticality whilst on the horizontal plane. When we have our “Vertical Alignment” there can be no interference.


Abandonment - Faith

The wound of abandonment appears in our body as a heavy, downward loss of energy that often fills us with dread, depression and a sense of dying.  This includes…


Separation - Humility

The wound of separation seeps through our being as a cold and icy state of numbness. When choosing separation we lose all feeling and connection to the warmth of Love…


Judgment - Forgiveness

The wound of judgment covers envy within oneself, jealously of another, and a sense of ‘righteous arrogance’ or the feeling that one is acting on behalf of God.  All…


Denial - Truth

The wound of denial covers self-deception, denial by other, and a sense of being denied and denying by God.  All three levels of relationship are covered, self, other and…


Betrayal - Trust

The wound of betrayal covers self-betrayal, betrayal by other, and a sense of being betrayal and betraying God.  All three levels of relationship are covered, self, other and creator,…



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