Personal Sessions with Anaiya & Pete

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Beloved Friends,

Do you need a little support?  Are you feeling alone, afraid, confused or just plain and simple - lost? When we're caught in our "stuff", most of us could use some compassionate support to drop into our higher guidance. Basically it works like this:

You talk... We listen. Grace enters...

During these sessions, you’ll talk and we’ll listen. We do not play therapist and we do not analyse.  Together, we call upon our Higher Wisdom and Soul's Intelligence to speak through us. Inside us all is the answer to our own questions... its just a matter of allowing a guide to take us to that place.

Both Anaiya and Pete have been through the quagmire of relationship, war, divorce, separation from children, born as only children, being lone wolves and learning to open again in deep intimacy.

We look forward to escorting you back to your True Self. 

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