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Receive your own personal Soul Scroll

GBP £55.00

Receive your own Soul Scroll from Anaiya, composed beside the Magdalene Grotto at Les Contes

My Dearest Friends, for one hour, I will sit beside Our Lady in her grotto next to her Earthgate. This Earthgate is one of thirteen Merkabah's that have been purposely positioned in the planet's main sacred sites; this particular one attunes itself to Montsegur, the oldest solar temple in the South of France.

There are words that cannot be spoken because the sincerity required for such a moving discourse is rare and even more challenging considering the times we are in. And yet, something so precious wishes to be said and to be made tangible. Something for you to read, hold, smell and cherish.

All my life, I have prayed, spoken, listened and written down the words from 'some other place', the place, as a child, I called Heaven. The words that, as an adult, I call grace. But now, moving here, that voice has been made magnificent and astonishingly simple and true.

Words of wisdom poised and elegantly shaped to quicken the deepest rivers of your soul. To stir, recollect, reveal and of course, heal, heal like nothing else ever before. Words intrinsically coming from the source of all love to bring you to that place where you realise who is speaking to you - is achingly close - because it is time. It truly is time to have these words in your hand, to sleep with, to fold into your diary, to hand down to your children and to engrave upon your heart.

Handwritten on parchment, placed inside a fragment container and posted to you, with a native flower that contains your ancestral (Cathar) blessing. Something that you can keep for your lifetime, no doubt re-reading it and always discovering something new.

Please note: Your Soul Scroll can take up to 3 months currently. 


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