Words of Wisdom

The Ecstasies of Mary Magdalene and Other Female Mystics

November 5, 2022 - 8pm CET

Starts in 35 days, 06 hours & 26 minutes

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The Ecstasies of Mary Magdalene and Other Female Mystics. “Mary Magdalene was not mourning the loss of her beloved and penitent over her earlier prostitute life in ‘that’ cave. Oh…




The Spiritual Practice of Showing Up and Telling the Truth

Join me for one week as we commit to The Spiritual Practice of Showing UP and Telling the Truth. In these seven days together, we will create a safe and brave…


Aletheia: 7-Nights of Truth-Telling

An Immersive Experience into Truth, where it sits in your body, the voice that speaks it, the power behind it and it’s almost forgotten Love. During the last century, the…


Black Madonna Mass on Magdalene's Feast Day

LIVE and Recorded in the Notre Dame de Sophia in the French Pyrennes. Inside the Notre Dame de Sophia, there is a Black Madonna. Discovered in a powerful place, she…


Mary Magdalene, Lilith & the Redeemer

Join me in a mystical transmission that reveals and reaches into the importance of this Trinity. These words of wisdom will be humble, vulnerable and innocently explore a possible truth…


Lifting the Shame of Toxic Relationships

A toxic relationship is one that makes us feel unsupported, misunderstood, devalued, or attacked. On a basic level, any relationship that continually makes us feel worse rather than better can…


Narcissism: Healing From The Web Of Lies

I would like to open up a space where we can understand some of the core dynamics involved in this exploitative dynamic.  One of the common ones is Love-bombing, Usurping…


Holy Hours of Sophia

Join me for an 8-week immersion into the 8 Holy Hours of Sophia (Wisdom). This traditional framework powerfully strengthens the mystical awareness of the divine mystery within the everyday world.…


Great Vigil of Easter: A Deeper Dive

I believe the “Passion of the Christ” begins with the anointing of Jesus the Man by Mary Magdalene, initiating the ancient rite of “sacred marriage” proclaiming the “Christ the King”…


Anointing Oil's of Fierce Compassion

As the crisis deepens – so does our response. We are expecting refugees to come and live with us. Amongst many things, it will be the oils that we share…


Atonement: Nuclear Weapons and Energy Deep Mystical Dive

Join me for an 8-week deep dive into the sobriety and humility needed to have this level of internal conversation. For one hour each week, we will take a step-by-step…


Stepping Into Ministry

Called to Ministry? My Dearest Friends, this one-day workshop is to honour what has brought us to this point and to welcome the transformation that shall truly come. For years…


21-Days Sacred Body Wisdom: Preserving Tolerance and Love in Relationship

Join me for 21 consecutive days to experience a newly developed movement artistry, Sacred Body Wisdom. This series will provide a very deep and safe container to draw out of…



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