Online Talks, Oral Teachings and Classes

About Anaiya SophiaBeloved Friends, if I cannot be with you in person, then these talks are the next best thing.  In these exchanges the oral tradition is spoken into your heart, body and soul. There is nothing to learn beloved friends, only something to remember.  

These words and oral teachings will act like a catalyst.  Setting in motion an awakening that orchestrates gnosis (direct knowing). This work is a Mystery School Teaching, and once heard, forever remembered. 

This is not an abstract idea, or wishful thinking, but rather a sacred calling for all of us who are awake and committed to take this path of initiation. There are many of us who believe it will take many, many "divine humans" to midwife and put flesh on the bones of the new template that the Great Mother is laying down.

These online gatherings are gentle and tender, raw and inspirited. Its best to leave the evening open after the talk for the continuation of the journey long after the transmission has been received.

This is profoundly mystical work. 

During the call Anaiya will speak for 45 minutes, leaving the last quarter of an hour for Q & A. All these calls are recorded and get emailed to you during the following day, and may also be accessed after the event.

We look forward to connecting with you all.


Being Wrongly Accused

Have you ever been judged, humiliated, cast out and condemned for something you simply did not do? Did people turn away from you? Was it a public slander? Was…


The Power and Permission to Speak Up as a Woman

I have utter faith that when women give themselves the permission to access their Sacred Rage, the abuse of our natural world could end and humanity be given one…


The (S)mother Wound

Join Anaiya and Pete on this radical and inspiring call where we discuss the Smother Wound. This aspect of the distorted mother is a conversation that needs to happen. We…


Taking the War Out of Man

Join Anaiya and Pete on this radical and inspiring call where we discuss Taking the War out of Man, what it means, how does it happen, and why should we…


Opening the Temple Doors

Open Pandora’s Box and break free from holding back! Join Anaiya on this radical and inspiring call where she acknowledges our longing to Open our Temple Doors, without need for…


The Sophia Mysteries - An Introduction

In this FREE call Anaiya introduces her NEW body of work that will take initiates on a journey into the ‘story’ of Sophia, the feminine principle of the Divine, her…


Knowing When to Stop

Beloved Friends, I have just gone through a radical transformation of self-initiation which I feel compelled to share with you.  This live Zoom Call is not to support the…


Gnosis of Abandonment

Beloved Friends, on this Easter Sunday I feel compelled to share with you the deeper meanings and sacred gifts contained within Abandonment. Traditionally, this is the day when Yeshua uttered…


Lilith and Eve: Whore and Madonna Complex

Another one of those must-have conversations… The importance of Acknowledging, Accepting and Allowing the full integration of these two feminine qualities on behalf of the good health, happiness of both…


The Sacred Prostitute - how to know if you are one

Anaiya opens the conversation we have all been dying to hear.  How do we know if we carry Sacred Prostitute energy, and if so, what do we do about it?


Anaiya invites you to a FREE call to introduce her new 9-week course - "Introducing the Mary Path" .  During this course she will introduce you to the "real' Mary…



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