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21-Day Ambrosial Yoga With The Dark Shepherdess


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21-Day Ambrosial Yoga With The Dark Shepherdess

21 Day Series

21-Day Ambrosial Yoga With The Dark Shepherdess

Journey with the Dark Shepherdess to learn more about ourselves as we discover knowledge through our own body, in the ambrosial hours - the darkest hour before dawn. The vision behind this sacred practice is to make deep contact with our emotions and release them through the body. And most importantly, to discover inspirational wisdom within ourselves. Journey with me in the dark for 21-days, with the Dark Shepherdess, the Sacred Feminine in her most primordial and revealing form. This yoga, dance & prayer practice aims to reload our system in just 60 minutes. The central concept is to pay attention to our body's impulses and move according to them.

I chose the Dark Shepherdess as our guide, as for me, she can be the unknown aspect of the Holy Mother.  She is the one willing to put on her raincoat and wellies as she grabs her flashlight and searches for her lost or hurt sheep in the middle of the night.  Not only does she find him, but lead him safely to the warm, dry, cosy barn, where the others are at peace and resting.  No matter rain, storm, wind or snow - she will find that sheep. 

Join me as we submerge into the wisdom that has been a long time coming. For 21-days, we will sink into the somatic texture and terrain of the body for a deep reset and inspirational overhaul, just in time for Winter Solstice - The Great Conjunction of this herstorical year! 

Moving, breathing and somatically exploring in the dark brings forth the awareness of how one soul can touch another. This exquisite meeting could be described as soul arousal, and even the mention of it is enough to bring about a cascade of light falling all around us. When you join an aroused soul with another aroused soul - then a wholly new kind of human is born, leading eventually to completely newly rewired and soulful species. When we find someone whose unique depth of embodied love matches our own then the explosion of energy is enough to bring forth so much more, unmeasurably more. 

My purpose is to escort others to that place which brings forth those magnitudes of love. The way I work is with the spoken word, music, movement and prayer. I have no technique or fail-safe methodology, I just turn to the Holy One, and Grace rains down upon us.

It is not enough to receive from this source but to take the transmission deep enough that a mystery of our own appears.

All 21 classes will be live and recorded. When you sign up, you will be given the link to the live class and then sent the recording afterwards.  


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