SOPHIA Mystery School

21 Day SOPHIA Mystery School


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21 Day SOPHIA Mystery School

21 Day SOPHIA Mystery School

Join Anaiya for the second year running as she guides us through a 21-day process toward the Winter Solstice of this tempestuous time. During this 21-day period we will be moving through epic astrological alignments and shifts.  Maybe this is the handrail we have been looking for as we search for meaning and direction? 

SOPHIA, as we know, means Wisdom. The kind of Wisdom that does not need or seek permission or recognition from any other source. Wisdom is a Divine Presence that has been reaching for us since the beginning of time. Perhaps, now, we are ready to receive? 

For 21 days we will enter the great halls of Wisdom embedded within the High Mountains of Tibet, the Himalayas, the Karakorum, the Pyrenees, and other areas, like the Gobi Desert, parts of the Sahara, in the sands of Nubia and other lands. 

Wisdom that can only be revealed to the world only when people are able to discern white from black and distribute the priceless gifts solely for the good of their neighbours. 

Every evening at 8 pm Paris time we will gather online to journey together into these timeless repositories. 

These hidden repositories may be able to reveal the answers for this time, for many tribes have turned to these places at times like these. Ceaselessly the High Initiates watch over Wisdom, protecting Her from a disastrous fate. A seal of smiles illuminates their bright faces, enchanting the gaze of the pilgrim who is encountering for the first time in their life the miracle of miracles, that She truly exists and walks among us.

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