SOPHIA Mystery School

21 Day SOPHIA Mystery School


GBP £ 75.00

21 Day SOPHIA Mystery School

December 1, 2021 - 8pm CET

Starts in
40 days, 19 hours & 01 minutes

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21 Day SOPHIA Mystery School

Join with Anaiya as she guides us through a 21-day process toward the Winter Solstice – the birth of the Sophianic Age. For 21 days we will enter the great halls of Wisdom embedded within the High Mountains of Tibet, the Himalayas, the Karakorum, the Pyrenees, and other areas, like the Gobi Desert, parts of the Sahara, in the sands of Nubia and other lands. Wisdom that can only be revealed to the world only when people are able to discern white from black and distribute the priceless gifts solely for the good of their neighbours. Being concealed in impenetrable mountains and deserts, they are guarded by mysterious powers. Physical flesh is not able to endure the force of the currents that rise like a wall when they are approached. And in order to gain access to them, one needs to pass through many lives with a loving heart and a pure soul.

Ceaselessly the High Initiates watch over Wisdom, protecting Her from a disastrous fate. A seal of smiles illumines their bright faces, enchanting the gaze of the pilgrim who is encountering for the first time in their life the miracle of miracles, that She truly exists and walks among us.


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