Sacred Body Wisdom

Sacred Body Wisdom: 21-Days of Embodied Reconciliation


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Sacred Body Wisdom: 21-Days of Embodied Reconciliation

Sacred Body Wisdom: 21-Days of Embodied Reconciliation

Join me for 21 consecutive days as we set aside some much-needed time to slowly and carefully consciously unwind with all that we find unacceptable, uncomfortable and estranged. I am calling this time together – Reconciliation. We shall we taking three very distinct steps in every single session.  Learning to coexist with that which we find problematic. Trusting that it is here for good reason.  We may not understand, or even, ever understand, but we can trust that which sent it. And finally, embodying empathy for the entire situation. Not wishy-washy forgiveness, but deep, grounded and mature compassion.

This deeply restorative practise is an integrated approach to transformative experience through movement re-education and hands-on repatterning. Sacred Body Wisdom it is an experiential study based on the embodiment and application of anatomical, physiological, psychophysical, and developmental principles, and utilizes movement, touch, breath, voice, and consciousness. 

Every session is different, it is not a repeatable modality that you learn.  The vast unknown currents of energy in the body lead the way into an almost infinate experience. I have been researching movement and consciousness for over two decades, especially the ability to release trauma, knots, divorced parts of the body through fright, terror and paralysis through touch, holding and movement. The Wisdom within the body is fathomless in its ability to transform, transmute and heal. Deep within is a place of renewal, refreshment and sanctuary. 

Sacred Body Wisdom is a pure ‘feminine’ approach to this time. Our emphasis will be on finding trust and safety in our body and our ability to self-regulate, endure and rise to the occasion of these times. For one hour we will intuitively move, from the rooted depths of remembrance, as a conversation within the body becomes heard, felt and wordlessly understood.

All fitness and flexibility levels welcome. 

Accompanying us will be the most exquisite music, drenched with depth and deep feeling.

This course is open to men and women and will be live and recorded. There will be a group forum to map and chart our progress with daily check-ins. The classes will be one hour long, and a recording will be sent to you straight after, thereby giving you the luxury of participating whenever you please.



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