Sacred Body Wisdom

Sacred Body Wisdom


GBP £ 55.00

Sacred Body Wisdom


33-Days of Sacred Body Wisdom

Beginning the 27th of October at 7 am CET

£55 Live and Recorded 

Join Anaiya for 33 consecutive days to experience her newly developed movement artistry, Sacred Body Wisdom.

Anaiya has been researching movement and consciousness for over two decades, especially the ability to release mind patterning, traumatic memories and inherited limitation through touch, holding and movement.  She believes we can powerfully restore our psychological processes, well-being and increase our evolutionary embodiment by approaching our developmental foundations in utero, embryology in the landscape of our soul.  

Sacred Body Wisdom is a pure 'feminine' approach to unlocking, sanctifying and dignifying the body. Our emphasis will be on trust, safety and surrender. This work is a perfect harmonium to Sacred Body Awakening, Anaiya's Temple Codex of ancient Priestess arts and medicine. 

Our work will be slow, unveiling, surrendering to gravity rather than pushing through. Accompanying us will be the most exquisite music, drenched with depth and deep feeling.  By working in the ambrosial hours (twilight and sunset) the ‘time’ when many gifts are given, this candlelight class will reveal the graceful current desiring to anoint us.  

Our journey will be three-fold. Divine Presencing, Sanctification of the Body and Deep Self Comforting. These generous gifts to the body, are the perfect ways to detangle from the old world and open like a newborn, to the one before us...

This work is ideal for those exploring Sacred Body Awakening, the 'actual' way of bringing Love into the body, self-care and unveiling the mysteries within the body.

Wisdom cannot surface until the body becomes a Temple.


This course is open to men and women and will be both live and recorded. There will be a group forum where we can map and chart our progress with daily check-ins from Anaiya. The classes will be 75 minutes long, and a recording will be sent to you straight after, thereby giving you the luxury of participating when you please. These recordings are yours to keep and watch over and over again. 

In essence, this is a bodily adventure of discovery, embodiment and depth of pure being.


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