Words of Wisdom


The First Witness

Mary Magdalene was known as the First Witness.  What does this mean, and what else can we learn from this mighty title? Why is this quality being called into…


Mary the Magdalene

During this call, we will meet Mary as Beloved, and discover her family ties to the Queen of Sheba (Queen Pharoah Hatshepsut of Egypt) and King Solomon.  Was this why…


The Black Madonna

During this call, we will meet Mary as the Black Madonna.  Through her, we will get to understand the full meaning behind the Dark Night of the Soul, and why…


In the beginning

The Journey begins. We shall be starting at the beginning with Seth, the only offspring of Adam and Eve, that carried the 'enlivened' Blood. And how his offspring set in…


The Starfire Bloodline

The Starfire is the menstrual blood of the Goddess. This term is first used in a series of ancient Sumerian tablets, describing a 'moon' elixir that flows from the great…


The Descent of Inanna

When Inanna returns from the Underworld she is not all sweetness and light.  Beware all friends and family who want her to go back to her old self. This…


The (G)odyssey: Taking the Heroine’s Journey

The Heroine's Journey is a woman's mythical quest to heal the deep wounding of our feminine nature in the search for wholeness. Based on The Heroine’s Journey by Maureen Murdock,…


Transmutation of Sex

Beloved Friends, this clarion call for those of us knowingly, or unknowingly involved with the transmutation of sex. There is a very real phenomena happening in the realm of sex,…


Incorruptible Boundaries Against Astral and Human Interference

Those of us with weakened or non-existent boundaries are more prone to challenges from cult entity attacks/interference, injecting through the cracks of our energy body due to lack of embodiment,…


Archons: Forces of Anti-Awakening

According to the Gnostic Gospel of Philip, an Archon's main objective is to keep humans ignorant of their divine origins beyond the physical universe. They are the seven great influences…


Sacred Prostitute: Always in Service, Never in Love

The Wound of the Sacred Prostitute is to be always in service and never in love. The Sacred Prostitute watches at a distance how all her companions fall happily into the arms of another woman ‘after’ spending time with you. You feel you are here to heal others, and this leaves you feeling tremendously lonely with a fear of growing old.  The Sacred Prostitute thrives on being ‘in service’ and it is precisely this quality they must be willing to release. Join this talk with Anaiya to venture with her into this sacred wound to locate the reason why you chose to serve and not experience love (again)…


Fallen Angels:  What To Do If You Meet One

This conversation seems to just keep on coming up especially in the "spiritual" and "tantra" circles. This live (and recorded call) shall cover many of the Hyper-dimensional Interference and the…



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