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Aeons The Worlds of Immortals and Ecstasies of Mary Magdalene Special Offer


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Aeons The Worlds of Immortals and Ecstasies of Mary Magdalene Special Offer

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Dearest Friends, 

Samhain, Scorpio, Eclipse Season, however, we coin the next month – we all sense we are balancing precariously on the edge of something … very, very unknown. 

I will be tuning in nightly to the 30 High Angelic Forces (Aeons) that accompanied Mary Magdalene and Yeshua during their trial with the magnitude of opposing power. These angelic refuges have always sheltered and infused the soul to blaze in times like this, even when the human heart is trembling. 

Alongside this preparation, I will be building the force of numerous internal Ecststies to contribute to the positive balance of world events. 

Perhaps, it’s all for nothing. Yet, I am constantly mulling over this notion of how the masculine (mind) first split the atom and how the feminine (body) must respond to breaking that Sacred Law.

I know one thing we will never find the answer in our heads. 

Maybe you feel called to engage in this way. Eclipses and Smahian promise to bring highly transformative portals of energy. These times are posied to bring endings, shifts, and quantum leaps into new states of being. Our day has come.

I don’t have answers, but I have infinite reasons to go at it with full participation. 

On the 25th of October, I shall begin with nightly transmissions (audio files that are yours to keep) for 30 nights whilst weaving in 13 spirited infusions from the Ecstasies of Mary Magdalene.  


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