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7 Ways to Ignite your Fierce Feminine


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7 Ways to Ignite your Fierce Feminine

7 Ways to Ignite your Fierce Feminine




Fierce, Fierce Feminine

One Woman’s Quest to find Her Authentic Voice.

There is mainstream assumption that the fierce feminine is mad, bad, hysterical and out of control. Perpetuated through media stereotypes, societal projections of women and power, and our own internalized oppressive belief system, it seems most of us have turned our back on Her. Yet we are being asked to Stand as She, and to act on her behalf. This radical and discerning power is our greatest hope, and most needed in our world right now.

The Fierce Feminine is a wild and unruly energy who will prise you away from the false agreements you have been making with yourself, the other and the world. In return, you will be propelled into a Reality, that is equipped with fierce discernment, vigorous energy and a cause to get behind. 

Contained within this mystery is an Embodiment Process. The only catch, the moment you connect with this you will become infused with a quickening that is translated through you into action. The Fierce Feminine offers a unique and individual journey that must not be blocked or it will become lost. This sacred work opens a part of the feminine brain that rarely gets used, let alone fully awakened.  She powerfully wants to reach into our everyday lives and imbue her ferocity within those who are ready, willing and able to surrender to Her vison. She does not bow down to societal demands and expectations as she has her own moral code.


  • How the Fierce Feminine reveals your unique and individual fierce expression
  • The Purpose of Sacred Rage
  • How the Fierce Feminine can amplify your impact and deepen your ability to lead, create change and be of service
  • The deeper truths of your darkest experiences in life and how to receive their gifts of spiritual initiation
  • Dispelling the most common myths of what the Fierce Feminine is (and isn’t) so you can authentically embody her voice
  • Transmissions to meet the Fierce Feminine
  • The Permission and Power to Speak Truth to Patriarchy


We are being asked to Stand as She. To step aside from our belittling belief systems, and to go out there as an embodiment of wisdom. Equipped with vigorous discernment and with no need for affirmation, we can cut through all denial and illusion, and help birth a new future for all.

Fierce, Fierce Feminine contains prayers, practises and wisdom to Ignite your Fierce Feminine, and sniff out the ways you have silenced Her. 

This talk will reveal the 7 Ways to ignite your Fierce Feminine, and bring to you the extreme urgency of why this must be done. This is THE work of 2018.  This shall be a highly inspiring download, filled with the kind of turning point we are all after. 

Open Pandora’s Box and Step into being Firecely Feminine.


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