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Clearing the Parallel Lives


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Clearing the Parallel Lives

Clearing the Parallel Lives

Join Anaiya on this hour-long Live and Recorded Zoom Call. According to Yogic Philosophy, we have ten layers of available consciousness to us when in the human realm. These ten layers are bodies of light, that have their own identity and place of habitation. Random thoughts and feelings suffuse these bodies, long after we have discarded them, to create parallel versions of our self, living in other dimension's not too far from our own. TONIGHT we shall highlight these bodies, and become aware of how to check in and clear them.

We spend so much time healing and being vigilant to our thoughts and feelings as we are in this life, but what about those of us, who also 'see' and 'feel' the other versions of our self? Our past priestess, our past martyr, our past heretic, our future pioneer, our future way-shower, or even the present moment witness?

If we have access to this - then it lives, somewhere not too far from us, with its own ecosystem and energy. So, to become really clear, really sovereign - we must remember how to unhook from their stories and clear the emotional debris and storyline from feeding our own.

This talk will illuminate this theory and how to clear our parallel lives. Before this call, it would be a good idea to note the strongest and daily appearances of numerous selves so we can clear them afterwards.


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