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Malika Yoga: Day of the Goddess


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Malika Yoga: Day of the Goddess

Malika Yoga: Day of the Goddess

Before patriarchal times, Friday the 13th was considered the day of the Goddess. It was considered a day to worship the Divine Feminine that lives in us all and to honour the cycles of creation and death and rebirth Join me on Friday the 13th for a 2-hour delicious online (and recorded) yoga class, on a very significant day at a very significant time. Because my yogic background has been Kundalini Yoga - I wish to really welcome the people struggling to make sense of it all for this one off class. I am not trying to 'get you in', or 'bring you over' into what I am doing.

I just wish for you to experience what is possible, how you can create something fresh and just as empowering.

"The Astrological atmosphere is deeply transformative and fiercely sobering, at this time. Whilst the global arena is undergoing intense change, we are offered the opportunity to examine the strength of our identity: can we stand our ground, and fiercely plough into the future? Or will our fears, wounds, hold us back? The asteroid Quaoar is sitting on our South Node of past, who represents the sanctity of Earth, whilst asteroids Kassandra, Ceres and Medea sit together in Aquarius. The question is whether we are able to bite the bullet of humanity’s past failings to truly honour Earth, and choose to steward our lives in deep service to sacred balance. Uranus in Taurus is shaking this up, towards absolute revolution. Simultaneously the myth of Nemesis, who brings justice and balance for rebirth, is empowering Mars’ path through Capricorn. This fiery trail-blazing planet will soon be upon Jupiter, where great justice will be sparked through all matters of Earthly structures, particularly outgrown patriarchal ones (i.e. money, health, institutions…). Coupled with Pluto and Saturn’s path, there is total dissolution of that which no longer serves. Furthermore, Athena is the Amazonian warrior archetype, who creatively leads the feminine into battle for her sovereignty. She is conjoining Jupiter at this time. You may feel this palpable, athletic strength to look justice in the eyes.


It is also worth noting how Magdalene’s asteroid sits beautifully and directly opposite Jupiter and Athena. The rather Earth-shattering balancing of the scales is not without the comfort and guidance of ancient feminine nurture. She holds in balance this cold and hard transformation, supporting our return to our innate Feminine waters of safety and home. This is truly a time to examine our lives in level-headed judgement, to take responsible action in response to what we find, and to move forwards knowing the support of divine love. Yet much more is to come, let us prepare and stand our ground NOW."


* Astrological musings by Emeline Miramar

Join Anaiya for a 2-hour Malika Yoga class that will be focussing on the cycle of life, from our birth to our death, and beyond. A journey together that includes movement, breath, prayer and meditation. Bring your tissues! This work will be immensely touching and healing.


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