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Coming Home: Forgiveness and Recapitulation Ritual


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Coming Home:  Forgiveness and Recapitulation Ritual

Coming Home: Forgiveness and Recapitulation Ritual

I feel called to share this ritual with you. It's called "Coming Home" and it's a Forgiveness and Recapitulation Ritual. Many of us have painful memories surrounding the place where we were born and raised, maybe even where we went to school or had our first home. Now, more than ever I feel the atoms that make up our body and sustain our life are calling us to the location of our birthplace. We have to make peace with this piece of land.

The natural forces that make up this land are calling us home, to do some work. It really is an 'all hands on deck' calling. As our planet burns, floods, sinks and shakes, it is important that we are at peace with our birthplace, and the land that held us, sustained us as we grew. I cannot accurately say 'why' - its just a deep sense. And if this makes sense to you - then join us on Thursday for the Live Call and Replay.

If you're already at home – these Words of Wisdom can still apply to you. We are being asked to tether ourselves to this sacred ground. On the eve of this potent Full Wolf Moon in January, let's return home, and make peace with the land. 

Words of Wisdom is a series of live (and recorded) talks on subjects that are current and timely. Anaiya goes deep into the subject matter and encourages the listener to 'absorb' rather than listen. These talks are intended to lead the listener to more profound personal wisdom.


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