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Entering 7th Heaven: Sophia's Abode


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Entering 7th Heaven: Sophia's Abode


Entering 7th Heaven:

Begins 8 pm May 25th, 2021 CET

Seventh Heaven.  We've all heard the term and most probably used it to describe our complete happiness, sheer joy and elation. In the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Mary speaks about the many manifestations of the Holy Sophia, Divine Mother in the numerous planes of existence - the Seventh Heaven being where she currently abides.  We could say the Seventh Heaven is the veil between spirit and matter, or the state of consciousness completely compatible with the frequency of grace. 

In the Gnostic understanding of Sophia, we witness her fall from divinity,  her humble cry for help, her holy assistance and her ascent to the seventh heaven - and beyond. She has led the way, now we are to follow it. In my sacred heart, I believe we are all being urged to enter the Seventh Heaven, the veil between matter and spirit, so we may fully partake in this age at a level we are meant to.  As you know, in your sheer joy and elation there is nothing, nowhere that can dampen, diminish or taint your spirit and the direction you are heading or resting in. 

This ecstatic state illuminates the mind hoisting us up and out of the grip that wishes to keep us down in the doldrums of despair. And this is why I am holding a space for these 13 nights. Together we will explore these seven-dimensional levels of the Holy Sophia, and her heavenly ascent as we taste and glimpse our own.  Together with real-life stories of others who did just this, this series shall bring to life not only the assessable states but the choice we all have to make. 


"There will be no one to save you, for She is the spirit of salvation and your very life". 


I feel that it is paramount now to take back and harness the full expanse of the mind in a feminine way.  Not by strict, controlling techniques, to master and dominate our thoughts but with the saturation of prayer, ecstasy and joy.  Drench the mind in light, fill every void with humility, gratitude and consolation. Strengthen the presence of the feminine spirit within the mind - it is time dearest friend for the Holy Sophia, the spirit of Divine Wisdom to decant a droplet of Her Light inside of you. It can be done - it has been done before, to others, many others. 

It is now. our time. 

Anaiya's storyteller passion will bring these heavenly levels to life as they surround us These tales will enrich our personal spiritual practice and help us cultivate more courage, self-empowerment, and self-compassion for facing the challenges before today. All the stories will be taken from the original tales and myths of this time immemorial pathway home. 

These tales are both live and recorded, so listen at any time, although - they're best after dark.  My wish - is that you are in bed already and this is the last thing that you hear and fall asleep upon.



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