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Fallen Angels: What To Do If You Meet One


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Fallen Angels:  What To Do If You Meet One

Fallen Angels: What To Do If You Meet One

This conversation seems to just keep on coming up especially in the "spiritual" and "tantra" circles. This live (and recorded call) shall cover many of the Hyper-dimensional Interference and the Keys to Discernment.  Such things as:

  • how to recognize hyper-dimensional interference
  • traps of agreement (such as calling in entities, "guides", ascended masters, etc.)
  • the need for self-responsibility without blame
  • the importance of sovereignty on all levels and not following/identifying with any spiritual, religious, political authority, savior, guru, president, etc.
  • the connection between psychological pathologies (such as narcissism and personality disorders) and hyper-dimensional interference/hosting
  • the role of technology as gateways for hyper-dimensional attacks and manipulation (from A.I. to the internet and smartphones; EMF pollution: WIFI, cell phone towers/radiation)
  • the necessity of embodiment, being grounded, connecting to one's own inner body intelligence and intuition.
  • the trap of "living in the head", the over-riding intellect and mental body
  • the danger of working with "healers" who are being hosted by entities, pseudo (new (c)age) healing modalities
  • drugs as gateways for entity interference/attachments (including alcohol, psychedelics, ayahuasca, marijuana)

....and more.


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