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FREE Christmas Eve Mass at Notre Dame Sophia



FREE Christmas Eve Mass at Notre Dame Sophia

FREE Christmas Eve Mass at Notre Dame Sophia

Starts at 11:45pm on Christmas Eve

Streaming Live (and recorded) from the Notre Dame de Sophia in Celebration of the Birth of Christ as the Light breaking through the darkness.

"When humanity asked for the Redeemer, the Mother of Life, and the first Man, and the Spirit of Life decided to send to their children One who should free them, to show them the knowledge and the righteousness and rescue them from evil. Being kindly and filled with pity, the Good Father sent from His bosom His beloved Son into the heart of the Earth and into its lowest parts for the rescuing of souls."

Notre Dame de Sophia is a fully restored chapel in the French Pyrenees nestled in an emerald-green valley below Montsegur (the stronghold of the last Cathar community). Situated at the confluence of two rivers and beside a holy spring, those who strongly resonate with the Feminine, especially Mary Magdalene, will discover a Gnostic tradition firmly rooted in her Presence.



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