Notre Dame de Sophia

Sophia Easter: Emerging As A Sophianic Initiate


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Sophia Easter: Emerging As A Sophianic Initiate

Sophia Easter: Emerging As A Sophianic Initiate

You are invited to spend Easter with me as an initiate of Sophia. For five evenings (hour-long live and recorded) we will journey through the Easter period as seen through the Sophianic Mystery (feminine, mystical aspect) of Apostolic Christianity.

Starting with the Anointing of Christ on Wednesday, we will meet every day until Resurrection Sunday. This journey together will reveal the Feminine Path of Divine Wisdom through this age-old initiatory period of time. Come to understand the 'teaching/liberation' of Mary Magdalene, John the Beloved/Lazerus and Mother Mary during the death of Yeshua and the birth of Sara'h.

Having a longing for Divine Wisdom burns intensely. It's not a fad or passing phase. It's a Path - and perhaps, you have been called/chosen. Our time together will include deep and reflective transmissions - a perfect way to navigate Easter during this time we are in.

The time we are in is not that dissimilar to how it has been before. What can we learn from our foremothers and brothers? The importance of spiritual warriorship, is essential at this time, and without an inner rock to lean upon and within, that quality will not burn bright, or last long.


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