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Light and Dark Rivers


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Light and Dark Rivers

Light and Dark Rivers

The union of the Light and Dark Rivers of the feminine is the medicine we most hunger for in this moment of our evolution. We are sick and tired of stasis, remaining the same, not getting anywhere. It is this Union that paves the way for the 'Only' way ahead.  Not only is this a live talk/transmission but also the permission to embody now, what needs to be owned by Woman. We have probably grown up learning to play the role of the Femme Fatale and/or Dutiful Wife - realising now that both roles have been dreamt up by the toxic masculine.  This is a time when we take our power back and consciously step into a role that serves the whole, rather than man alone. 

Join Anaiya on this call as she takes us on a mystical journey to meet these Light and Dark Rivers within ourselves. This call is about Absorption, and then Reflection. Anaiya invites you to receive her words in the dark, so the journey into Reality can come.

People think this is about 'embodying' our Eve and Lilith - but it isn't - it's much deeper and subtler than that. This has nothing to do with 'role play' or anything the movies or magazines could ever dream up. This has nothing to do with dressing up and putting on a show for our partners, but daring to allow the circuitry to flow, all the way back to our sacred origins and all the way forward to something that surpasses human.

The Dark River as she flows will open us to gnosis, revelation and wild ecstatic freedom. Many people hold back, fearing these dark waters will tip them over the edge, and they will become too wild, too ferocious and unpredictable. This is the voice of fear that will always keep you from her. The Light River seduces our soul, as she pours us into the secret Rumi-heart, bringing us into contact with our unspeakable purity and worship as we drown in devotion at what we find there. The Dark River loosens up our mind, shakes off our mask while the Light River vivifies our sacred purpose, and makes real our reason for being here. Fierce Courage and Tender Kindness fused at the core and integrated into one...

As the two rivers come into contact and merge in the psyche, the long-awaited union explodes the body, heart, mind into a third and currently unknown new being. Something the patriarchy has feared for a very long time whilst the Sacred Masculine patiently longs for, as it's only this - that Awakens Him.


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