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Ma'at Ceremony - The Day of Truth


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Ma'at Ceremony - The Day of Truth

Ma'at Ceremony - The Day of Truth

Ma'at was the Egyptian Goddess designed to divert chaos (Islet) and maintain truth (Maat) in ancient Kemet (Egypt). The 42 PRINCIPLES OF MAAT were the moral rules and beliefs that guided the behaviour of the people of Ancient Kemetic society. The Goddess Ma'at was the epitome and personification of cosmic order, truth, justice and rightness. The ancients felt that moving away from her influence would only create disorder, chaos, decay and mortal decay.

During this call, I would like to invite you (and me) to a Ma'at Ceremony, to weigh our own hearts against her feather of truth upon the scales of Justice. There is no need to be afraid; truth does intend to frighten us

This kind of ceremony simply shines a light on where we are out of alignment. There is no punishment, just the willingness to be accountable and make amends.


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