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Map of the Paradigm Shift


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Map of the Paradigm Shift

Map of the Paradigm Shift

Since partaking in the Sacred Union Awakening retreat, I shall present to you the mapping of the paradigm shift we are now all facing. This gift was brought forth because of the unity and grace that was bestowed upon us, and during this call – I shall bring it to you.

Every time I apply this step-by-step process – it works.  Whether it be the climate crisis, family issues, animal welfare or self-sabotage – it's the same set of circumstances over and over again. There is one unified issue we all face together, and that is toxic masculinity and as yet, our divided and distrusted femininity. I am so excited to speak this loud and clear for us all to receive. The process is this:

* . Toxic Masculine Energy is Present
* . Awakening Feminine Energy feels it and is uncomfortable
* . Awakening Feminine Energy gathers together to Rise Up
* . Awakening Feminine Energy confides in Awakening Masculine Energy
* . Awakening Masculine Energy supports Awakening Feminine Energy
* . Awakened Feminine Energy Speaks Out and says NO to Toxic Masculine Energy
* . Toxic Masculine Energy recognises Awakened Feminine Energy and diminishes
* . Sacred Masculine Energy steps in
* . Divine Feminine Energy reveals all.

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