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Mary Magdalene, Lilith & the Redeemer


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Mary Magdalene, Lilith & the Redeemer

Mary Magdalene, Lilith & the Redeemer

Join me in a mystical transmission that reveals and reaches into the importance of this Trinity. These words of wisdom will be humble, vulnerable and innocently explore a possible truth we may be longing to understand. 

Many of us have glorified Lilith, not understanding her yoke with Mary Magdalene and the Redeemer. To go the Whole Way, we must open to the Reaching the Arms of the other two, to fulfil the Trinity. I can no longer sit by and witness the distortion being portrayed as Lilith and Mary Magdalene. We have been, and many continue to feed a dangerous influence that intends to lead you into a snare. We can no longer continue to give ourselves to the distortion, and entice others to do the same. We truly have to be willing and mature enough to break the spell! 

For those of us ready to release our own pride around Lilith, and to take the next steps toward Truth, then Welcome, my friends. 

The purpose of this transmission is to provide a language, safe setting and the clean inspiration to fall into the Light of Christ Consciousness – authentically. There will be no hint of heavy religion, no sense of pride or unclean intention. My purpose is to provide a voice that leads to your interior space that houses the Love, Longing and Life of a Christ that is birthing through you. 


This one hour transmission will be Live and Recorded and yours to keep until the end of time.

Register HERE for your Live Link and Replay that is yours to keep.


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