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Menopause: A Natural and Spiritual Transformation


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Menopause: A Natural and Spiritual Transformation

Menopause: A Natural and Spiritual Transformation

Join me for this online (and recorded) workshop on the Natural and Spiritual Journey of Menopause. 

When I was 42 I began my journey into early menopause. Like my mother, this rite of passage took me by surprise, and now I am 50, as the completion rolls into view. 8 years of tumultuous emotions, a rapid increase and sudden decline in sexual drive, a fierce awakening in personal power thanks to the furnace of heat that swept through my entire existence. No one was with me on this journey. I was the only one, no friends accompanied me, no older woman was there, who recognised what was happening. No books interested me, everything seemed 'out of date'. I went in roughshod, leant all about it in the seat of experience, and held on for dear life as rollercoaster began.

There is much to say, so many perils to watch out for, so many points in the journey where it would be wise to surrender. I want to put my hand on your arm and say "I so understand what you are right now, and this too must die".... the brain rewires itself, casting out the false structures and ideology, whilst preparing and upgrading the authentic biology. You are in a swirl of combustion. It reminded me of being burnt at the stake. A conscious 'I shall not move' moment, as everything, every thing undergoes this enormous transformation. You watch your playthings being prised from your hands and incinerated, realising you are not the victim - but in fact, the victor.

Letting it go, allowing the grains of sand to fall through your fingers and to not reach for the inauthentic. There is enormous power in this process, but also,  enormous bitterness if you fight it. That is why I am putting on this 1/2 day online workshop. During this time together we shall explore the many myths that surround menopause, and openly share the revelatory process. There are many steps and stages of this transformation. My interest is not how to avoid them, but how to enter them - fully. I am not interested in anti-ageing, or the latest new hormonal cream on the market, I want truth ... why is my body doing this and where is it leading me.

If this sounds like your medicine - come join with me. And in full celebration and exposure, I shall meet you there.




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