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Mistresses of the Sacred Oils


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Mistresses of the Sacred Oils

A long, long time ago, there was an ancient tradition of women who worked with sacred oils for the highest good of All. These women were called Myrrhophores, also known as myrrh-bearers or mistresses of the oils. For me, the sense of smell, and the ability to travel intuitively with the aroma is the swiftest route to the soul. Throughout history, certain oils have been used to invoke, initiate, bless and to dedicate oneself to a higher purpose

The remembrance of this sacred tradition will arouse a deeper inner longing to create the ancient oils that once 'crowned' Kings and Queens, oils that contain 'grace', medieval esoteric oils and the Holy Oils of Aspiration, Assumption and Resurrection

This is not Aromatherapy. These sacred oils are energies that originate from other dimensions. They are here to heal and evolve consciousness. They are beings, and they are gateways. I have never felt so devoted to this tradition, as I do now

I truly 'feel' we are being called...

During this call, we will create the sacred space, in the dark with just one candle burning as we tune in and drop down in the mystery together. In that deep dark pool, I will speak the transmission of the Myrrhophore's, the returning Priestesses of the Sacred Oils. This quality and role in life and death are being desperately cried out for. Our society is void of this level of afterlife wisdom and felt knowledge of the great transition.

I shall speak of the Death Doulas, the Coronations of Kings and Queens, the Gateway to Earth and Bestowal of the Great Mother.

All these calls get recorded and sent on straight after the live call. 




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