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Mistresses of the Sacred Oils: New Year Preparation


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Mistresses of the Sacred Oils: New Year Preparation

All Day Workshop online - 10am-5pm

Mistresses of the Sacred Oils: New Year Preparation

This Weekend ~ Mistresses of the Scared Oils: New Year Preparation!

Sunday 10th 10am-5pm.

Join me just days into the New Year for an online workshop to make way for the 'as above, so below' mystical energy - so very welcome in this time of escalating crisis and rebirth. In ancient times, the Temple of Solomon would continuously burn twelve sacred oils, one at each gate, so when one gathered at the centre of the Temple, the Tabernacle - the 13th fragrance would be present - an oil, no one could create.

This is the work of the Myrrhophore's - the Mistresses of the Sacred Oils. This is what I propose for the New Year, to create a unique blend for the portal that is opening and to personally use in the coming year - capturing the essence needed for 2021. It is said that the Rainbow Serpent (the earth's main lifeforce channel) will be intensified as her newly conceived offspring travel with her upgrading the earth's sacred sites and portals.

My intention is to remind us, how to create a sacred blend, the prayers and presences that go into making such a sacred anointment—an anointment for the New Year, a gift to this Great Conjunction, above and below. During this day, there will be ritual practices, movement, sacred practise, prayer and blending.

This day will be Live and Recorded, and everyone will be sent a Replay.

If we can retrieve twelve oils - that would be wonderful. Otherwise, we work with what is available and trust, absolutely - that is our perfect and timely set of oils. Ideal Oils would be Frankincense, Myrrh, Spikenard, Rose, Galbanum, Angelica, Blue Tansey, Cedarwood, .... please trust your knowing.


ALL-DAY WORKSHOP ONLINE - 10AM-5PM January 10th, 2021


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