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Narcissism: Healing From The Web Of Lies


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Narcissism: Healing From The Web Of Lies

Narcissism: Healing From The Web Of Lies

I would like to open up a space where we can understand some of the core dynamics involved in this exploitative dynamic. 

One of the common ones is Love-bombing, Usurping and Devaluing. Perhaps you recognise Stonewalling, Gas-lighting and Mother Projection? When a relationship with a narcissist ends, the caretaking partner is often left confused, deeply hurt, and often still emotionally connected, while the narcissist seems to move on overnight to the next relationship. 

This talk will speak openly and lovingly about what to expect as the relationship unravels and how to cope with the fallout. It could also help disengage and move through the grief process with great care and reverence. People who have been in a Narcissistic relationship face the greatest psychological journey back to wholeness ever known.

I want to make sure you are equipped, and ready to take a stand against the toxic people in your life so you may not only survive, but thrive. 





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