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Opening to Love


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Opening to Love

Opening to Love

My most Gorgeous and Voluptuous friends,

I would like to share with a new style of yoga that I am calling Malika Yoga: The Queen of Yogas. On Valentine's morning, I will be sitting down on my mat at 9 am Paris time to present to you a LIVE and recorded 2-hour class of 'feminine' body wisdom. During this class, we will experience how to ground into our feminine presence and remember how to move and breathe from that place.
I will be introducing the concept of the flesh, rather than the body. Flesh being a living presence, just underneath the skin, that contains wisdom, beauty and grace. Slowly, one patriarchal belief structure after the other, we will disavow our time and energy from that old dinosaur, and instead dissolve into the joy, beauty and vibrancy of our Queenly Elegance and Power.
This first class is an introduction to some new concepts I wish to throw your way. Everything will be somatic, deeply felt before moving and considered, so that it is the deepest part of our being that is 'informing' the movement, rather than 'being told what to do'...
Being Vanatines Day - I am calling this class 'Opening to Love'. By the time we are complete, you will be a shining beacon of comeliness and attraction.

This is going to be very exciting and unknown. 

Once upon a time, I lived in the Sinai desert with the Bedouin and Egyptian people.  I learnt some Arabic, read the Quran, practised belly-dancing, wore on occasion a Black Berka but most of all slept as often as possible under the stars in the desert. The desert taught me many things, but most of all it brought me into contact with the ancestral spirit that dwells there.  Drenched in a romance that is not confined to the body, this exotic fire is a medicine that is central to Malika Yoga. Voluptuous, sensual, rhythmic and most importantly of all - feminine. This expression of Yoga wishes to praise, awaken, tantalise and exhilarate the raw, untainted presence of Woman, as Queen so everything she presides over becomes blessed and touched by the radiance of her beauty. 

Before I choose the name Anaiya - I was considering Malika.  Malika means 'Queen' in Arabic. 

On this day, we shall begin with a two-hour submersion to set the day aflame with this presence. You do not need experience or ability, all you need is your female body, and the readiness to experience the living wisdom and memory that rests in your flesh as a knowing, a truth... a fire. 

Malika Yoga:  The Queen of Yoga's. 


This class is both a live class and replay and will include movement, breath, prayer and meditation. Bring your tissues!  This work is immensely touching and healing.


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