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8 Ways to Pull the Plug on the Predator



8 Ways to Pull the Plug on the Predator

8 Ways to Pull the Plug on the Predator

This year is already shaping up as the year where toxic Spirituality becomes globally exposed. And it's about time.

The spiritual community can hide many skeletons, not only the mess caused by teachers sleeping with their students, but the threats and isolation should anyone tell the truth.

Woven within these covert communities is the pressure of handing over money, persuasion to sell property, vows of silence, being unable to learn from other sources and often being brainwashed into believing families, friends and even other students are under the influence of negative forces. Slowly, slowly you are broken down as you enter the spell and freely offer up your own sovereign, free-thinking, intuitive self.

This call would also be very helpful for predatory partners/work colleagues and friends.


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