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"Secrets" of the Divine Mother


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"Secrets" of the Divine Mother

"Secrets" of the Divine Mother

The Secrets of the Divine Mother is not knowledge or wisdom, but people. These are the 144 souls, who are awakening NOW to embody Her at this time. This is a very controversial statement. But a statement - it is. Because for me, in my heart - this is true.

These 'Secrets' are not special, privileged, chosen or unique in any way - they just are, who there are. During this very clear, straight, and yet, initiating talk, I will speak directly to these souls as we address the fears, unworthiness, denial, procrastination and divine weight of such a realisation.

This has to be spoken, heard, and taken in. And what better time, than, the Summer Solstice to receive this?

When we genuinely accept what we have agreed to, open up to the past, and what we have already retrieved and gathered, and then to align fully with what we have promised to become compatible with... well, there is no greater grace, that comes alongside with that quality of Yes...


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