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Six Gates of Grief


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Six Gates of Grief

Six Gates of Grief


"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted"

Mathew 5:4

The Six Gates of Grief haunt us for our entire life, until we stop, and turn to face them. They then become the Six Virtues of Grief. It may sound strange, but I am able to see tremendous virtue in grief. Grief and mourning bring tears–deep tears that well up from the depth of our hearts and souls. Grief softens us and makes us aware of others who may be suffering–perhaps as much or more than are we. Most important, when we are grief-stricken, if we are spiritually attuned, we may better be able to share God’s burden for this lost and mangled world. Recall that Jesus wept over Jerusalem and that He promised comfort for those who mourn.
It is in this spirit - that I wish the Six Gates of Grief as I know them. Let's gather together on this night in the darkening twilight of autumn to welcome in the many virtues of Grief and how we can put aside this evening to hibernate deep inside and shed tears on our behalf, and for the relief and comfort of all others (human, animal, and nature). 
Are you grieving? Are you mourning a loss, that is both inner and outer? Do you have a night free this week to listen to this comforting message? 
Autumn can bring such loneliness and despair. Yet these feelings do not have to be avoided. There is a design in their yearly arrival - its a chance to turn in and come to see face-to-face with that what you love, and that which you have lost.
There are six depths of grief, that lead to six healing balms... In the moment of sorrow, this feels so very, very far away. These balms, are not effervescent outbursts of laughter or carefreeness, but the joyful comforting realisation of the endless togetherness of Gratitude and Grief. There cannot be one without the other...
The Six Gates of Grief:
* . Everything we love we will lose.
* . There are places inside of us that have not known love.
* . We carry the Sorrows of the World (animal cruelty, ecocide, slavery etc)
* . What we expected and did not receive.
* . Ancestral Grief: The unexpressed sadness of our ancestors
* . Regret and Remorse as Death and Dying approaches us.
Autumn is the season of Grief and Sorrow. It is designed this way to be in tune with the Natural World.


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