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Stepping Into Ministry


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Stepping Into Ministry

Stepping Into Ministry

Called to Ministry?

My Dearest Friends, this one-day workshop is to honour what has brought us to this point and to welcome the transformation that shall truly come. For years I had hoped that Vocational ministry came with a personality transplant or a magical collection of superpowers to neutralize all my shortcomings. Indeed, the Holy Spirit provides power and wisdom to those of us in ministry, but only when we are ‘serving’. Truthfully, our work is to empower the person God has already created us to be. And I believe our edges and shortcomings are the well-intended vision.

This gathering together will be to encourage, hold and prepare the Calling to come to fruition. We shall enter a step-by-step process to inform and prepare our work. There will be prayers, practices and stories all to stir the soul and prime this basic instinct.

The day will be broken into three parts:

  • Honour your True Calling

  • Welcome Transformation

  • Practise Ministry

Details: Times: 10 am – 5pm. Live and Recorded

May this day spill over with support, inspiration and the enormous push you may need, to truly rise to the occasion, in a way you once promised you would.




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