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Surviving Bluebeard: How to Deal with the Soul's Predator. Part III



Surviving Bluebeard: How to Deal with the Soul's Predator.  Part III

Surviving Bluebeard: How to Deal with the Soul's Predator. Part III

If you think the human psyche is home to nothing but goodness and light, then you are about to discover more. If you sign up to listen, and if you’ve met the Predator, then you must sign up to listen, you might be alarmed. For we shall dive into a reality that is hard to grasp by nature. It is elusive, slippery, and does not want to be seen. It feels counter-intuitive and anti-life. It is indeed both.

There is an innate predator and killer in the psyche. A psychic force that cannot be “rehabilitated”. A psychic force that does not transform. The challenge with all archetypal energies is to learn how to relate to them without being overtaken. For the feminine psyche, which always wants to connect and relate,  this anti-life force is probably the most difficult one to come to terms with. It is too much for an individual psyche to digest.  This predator also exists outside.  We may have met one in the guise of a partner, boss, mentor or neighbour.  Or, which is much more likely masquerading as a Spiritual teacher.  The damage they do is unprecedented, wicked and cruel.  But - like the story Bluebeard, they unknowingly give us a key to a secret doorway in our own soul. 

If we ask the right questions, this psychic door will open and we will get to see lies behind it.

The predator is the dark magician, the dark force that seeks control, seeks to destroy the light force of the psyche. He is present when we walk dark streets at night. He is the rapist, the murderer, Bluebeard. He is the part of ourselves that seeks our destruction. Probably, you would have these dreams too, sometimes. Probably, the predator is not entirely unknown to you, in your life experiences, traumas, projections and semi-conscious states. This deadly force invokes chilling scorpionic fear. It is potent, it is transformative, it can be devastating. Until we note it on the inside, we may not be able to minimise its influence over us on the outside.


PAY ATTENTION. Watch. Wait. Listen. Be aware… and be safe.




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